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Rhoda (not real name) went for a program and she saw this handsome bobo..#winks. They kept looking at themselves… Deep down her heart different questions were going on.. Knowing fully well that she was single and really wish to go into courtship with her missing rib soon.. The memories of the Man ministering in songs kept waving through her mind. She could not help it cos she was just too overwhelmed with the guy. She got home and told her roommates and everyone laughed at her…………………………………………………………….
Now this is it…..
Attraction between a man and woman is God’s design and creation.The attraction you sometimes feel for certain people can be misleading.
When we encounter someone for the first time, our psyche and heart begin an astonishingly complex scan, picking up physique and facial structure, but also noting body language, facial expression, e.t.c.We instantly process this information without even knowing it. It’s normal to meet someone of the opposite sex and there’s this attraction, pull, clicking and connection.

But the mistake that many people especially singles make is that, we all always assume that anyone you meet that brings out such feelings from you is a prospective marital relationship. No!

When you meet someone and such “lightening” strikes comes, you must go to God and ask him for the purpose of that person In your life because it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s for marital relationship.

God brings different people into our lives for different reasons and sometimes it’s an attraction to them that He uses to first give us a wake up call that someone that is a destiny helper has come and the person doesn’t have to marry you before he can do what God has sent him or her to do in your life.

It’s important that we understand and define the office of everyone that God makes to cross our path, and it’s only God who can tell us this.

And that is why as singles build a solid,deep and intimate information with the Holy Spirit first.
Focus on building your walk with God and your spiritual antenna would be alert 24/7 connecting with divine frequency so as to know when she comes.. Keep calm… The missing rib will come.. Its not every sister you see that you will keep asking is she the one?? And vice versa..
Once this is done, every other thing falls into place. You will know who to approach and who not to.You will know who is just a friend, coach, sister, brother, discipler, mentor, destiny connector, etc and when the bone of your bone and missing rib comes too you will know . He will tell you and he will tell her. No stress.. .. Shalom!
Wunmi Oyesanya
wunmex694@gmail. com


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