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One may wonder how this is so. The following will serve as a guide to understanding how all of God’s laws are embodied in love.

Imagine that you work so hard to impress your employer, adhere religiously to most of the organisation’s rules and regulations, only to discover to your utmost surprise that the seemingly insignificant regulation turns out to be the one in which all other regulations are entrenched. So are all of God’s commandments encapsulated in just one. LOVE for God and man. Matthew 22:37-49

*You can’t possibly love God and ignore His words or go against His will. John 14:23

*If you love your neighbour, you will not do or say anything that will hurt him. ROM 13:10

*Love is sacrificial; you can’t love God and man and do nothing to prove that you love. I John 3:18

*Love is total: This means that you cannot love God and something else. Love for God should be complete, whole and undivided. Deuteronomy 6:5

*Love is the greatest of virtues and gifts (1Cor 13:8,13)

*A possession of all the gifts of the spirit with signs following your ministry, void of love is empty and vain. I Corinthians 13:1-3

*It is love that formed the earth and its power of love that still holds it in place. Amos 5:15, Romans 8:55

*It is love that brings about liberty and harmony. I John 4:17

  • Talk about a family that stays united, a church that grows, a nation that experience peace; and talk about the power of love. Colossians 3:14

*Love is the most significant proof of the presence of God in our lives, for God himself is LOVE. I John 4:7-8

What more can be said? Everything we do in life, be it to God or man is weighted on the balances of love. And if we are found wanting in love, it doesn’t matter what else we have! 1Timothy 1:5

Think on these things and conform to his Love!
Wunmi Oyesanya



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