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How much do you spend on soap in a month? Do you buy your soap or you make them yourself? Thank you for those sincere answers but do you know you can do your soap yourself with the correct recipe and you will be sure that you will make it well?

This book is not for only people that wish to go into organic soap making but its for all that desires a good skin and wants to spend less money on buying Soap.

I have properly compiled this skincare formulations and I can tell you I am good at what I do. I might not be very popular but I can assure you that if you use this formulations for their different purposes you will get your desired results.

This book contains over 30 formulations of black Soap. Skin repair black Soap, fruity black soap, skin glow mix, afterbirth black soap lightening black Soap ,black Soap shampoo,black soap scrub, herbal black Soap, pimples black Soap, balck soap for acne black heads/pimples, exfoliating black Soap, lightening black Soap body wash,anti aging black Soap,dark knuckle black Soap, black soap for stretch marks,dark inner circle removal black soap with their correct measurements. Blending of powders, organic butters,organic powders and how to use them and lots more. Click here to buy

If you buy this 2000naira eBook you would have access to free ebooks weekly and free skincare tips weekly.

I had a free training last week and the review was massive! I am a good teacher and a writer so I can tell you that when I teach or write then you can be rest assured you will understand it and be able to put it into practice.
I am writing the ebook specially for you because I care about your skin.. Just for 2000naira.

Are you scared of spoiling your skin? Or you don’t even have a knowledge at all about skincare soaps? Here is an eBook that has been properly combined to help you do your soap all by yourself with over 30 formulations. You can even make money from there!

Its just 2000naira.. Yes you read it . its just 2000 naira. Calculate the profit you will make on one formulation not to talk of 30 formulations.. Wow.. That’s huge!

This eBook is not the type you will see boldly everywhere.. Its rare to see this formulations clearly outlined with its correct measurements.

The price would go up after 48hours. Please take advantage of it.
If you buy this book within 3days you will be able to make over 30 formulations of black Soap.

I know I don’t have plenty social media followers, yes you might not know me! You might be scared of scammers!Yes its possible but I can assure you that if you buy this eBook you will pray for me and give me a gift after you start making money from the formulations I will teach you in the book.

BUY NOW!! Hurry! Just 2000naira
Comment here once you buy your copy.. Thank you! I care about your skin!
If you are having difficulties paying please contact 09093982762 on WhatsApp.


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