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Nothing is permanent in this life. I say it again, nothing is permanent. Situations of life are transient. Facets are fleeting. No governance or ‘constituted authority’ is meant to stay forever. Even the earth is not permanent. 

There is something called ‘the table of life’, and this table no matter how fixed or strong, it turns. What am I trying to say? Nobody in this world has the monopoly of making any situation permanent either for himself or for others. 

In those days Jack had no good clothes, he would always depend on others to give him clothes. But today Jack gives new and nice clothes to orphanage homes and rural missions. A decade ago, Mr and Mrs Michelin had no good water supply in their home save a very deep well. They get drinking and cooking water from their neighbor who has a borehole. Fast forward to the present, the Michelins now give free water to their immediate community. Nat once lived in his shop (store), as in, he divided the shop into two compartments-the outer court for his goods and the inner court as his room. Not quite long, the table turned in Nat’s favour, he now owns a gigantic estate in Eko state.

Come o, the table is still turning. Willy who has featured as a best man in many weddings (both to his juniors and seniors) will be tying the knot by the end of this year. Lizzy who has looked for admission for half a dozen years has now won scholarship to study abroad (where there’s no ASUU annual festival). Mrs Timothy who has looked for the fruit of the womb for 10 years is now blessed with a set of quadruplets (two boys and two girls). The list is endless. 

Tables are still turning sweetheart. You may be complaining of biological clock, but what is that to the Creator of time? It is not over for you or with you. Don’t wish that the table turns so suddenly, remember that patience pays (Surulere). Those whom you’re comparing to, do you know their end? Do you know how much they have also waited for the table to turn? 

But my dear reader, when the table turns in your direction what will you do with it? Will you favor others? Will you lift others and invest in riches that do not spoil? 

Believe me even as I believe in you, your sun shall rise again. The table shall turn in your favor. Help will come for you. Smile to yourself and be expectant. Don’t be intimidated. Believe. Hope. See you at the top.


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