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The part 1 is still on my timeline… We discussed majorly on the life of the leader preceding his office and the entire ministry the concept of reflecting the image of God…. This article has been birthed by the spirit of God and by my little experience in some strategic leadership positions.. Am still learning though
Now to what God has for us this time..
As a leader the atmosphere of your ministry is generated in the place of prayer. A leader prays for his followers. A man of prayer is a man of conviction. Prayer eliminates fear. Your appetite are worked upon in the place of prayer.
A leader must be obedient to do the word of God. Listen to instructions and don’t think you are too big to obey. Every instruction of the scripture is primarily for our own benefits. Before you enforce it on your followers follow firstly! It takes a humble heart to maintain obedience. Leadership is a sign for you to hasten your own growth,so be careful lest you loose focus. No matter how established you are,keep your ear open to instructions.
Don’t talk too much about your exploits neither be carried away. You healed the sick,laid hands on blind and they saw, and you sit with it comfortably and start bragging all about…. Hmmm..No! You need to go and refire. An empty gun is no threat but a loaded gun is a threat. After every successful defeat, it is expected of you to go back to the place of prayer and build your elasticity of faith.
As a leader,live a life of truth. Those who live in truth can’t fear traps because the truth is the escape from traps. You must be accountable. Live a life of integrity. You must not be carried away with the privileges and every other packages or goodies that comes with the office. You may have access to cars,money,signatory to accounts but don’t be covetous. Labour to please God and every other thing shall surely be added unto you.
Don’t take advantage of your position for personal gain. Whatever is in your domain, see yourself as a steward.
As a leader, Your position should be a means to service and not a place of identity. Its not a place to show off and start competing. Ahn ahn why will my bible study sec share Rhema than me?? And you start allowing strife?? No! Don’t compete with anyone neither envy anyone because you don’t know what their journey is about.. In almost all my leadership positions its either am in kitchen, welfare or at most choir where I will sing but there was no avenue to share Rhema self but that does not mean I didn’t have Rhema to share. Rather be a private disciple in the lord. Invest to harvest! Grow slowly..
The time is too short for you as a leader to live irresponsibly. You can never go wrong with the scriptures. Pour out your best in serving the master because he will reward us accordingly. Follow the Bible. No shortcut! You are in that position to serve God by serving his people.
For you to be an effective leader you must be made before you can form others. What God does is to make us until we become useful. To make requires a process, to use is an event. Man uses, God makes. Duly submit yourself to the process of making. The ministry is not the problem but the minister. Where there is no oil you dive into dryness.
As a leader, relationship precedes responsibility. Relate with your followers. Best leaders are once followers. Learn to forgive in advance. Don’t judge things from the flesh. Patience is the allowance you can give people to be themselves around you. Expand your heart, enlarge your capacity. If you can’t be corrected or rebuked then you can’t be led. See people’s ignorance,learn love and let selfishness die.
In conclusion, Keep your eyes on the heavenly prize,look unto the lord for his ultimate recognition. The empty praise of man might be soon forgotten, but the reward of God will never fade away. Shalom!

Wunmi Oyesanya



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