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The past 3-4years of my life now have found myself in different strategic leadership positions I never thought I could have been. Some days ago I was in a camp meeting and different ladies walked up to me and tell me I know you in this,that…blabla, I saw you in our calendar lol.. My president told me about you,like that like that blabla. It gave me a burden throughout that camp meeting and I had to put it in written immediately I got home on Sunday evening.. I might not have been a perfect leader but there are certain things I learnt in leadership and I needed to point them out as the spirit of God points them out to me! Am still a leader tho.. So we are all learning!
Christian leadership is a call to responsibility than excitement. In the responsibility there is a demand on us. The value of what we are called into is determined by its worth. The greatest asset as a Christian leader is the PRESENCE OF GOD. Your devotion to reading of scripture. I Tim 4:13.
Sometimes we get so busy with the WORK and neglect the WORD. Hmmmm… The only safety is to settle on the word of God. Your only instrument of leadership is the BIBLE.
As you lead people, people look up to you, but don’t be malnourished in the word of God. You can share rhema,google search scriptures, bombard people with it and forget the place of your secret altar. You must renew the presence daily. The journey must not lack continuity!!!

You must deliberately choose to grow your personal walk with the lord. Its a dangerous thing for a leader to be a visitor in God’s word. You can’t read the bible and be polluted. A man is only confused to the extent to which he lacks the word of God…
Leadership carries honour and glory that makes people respect you, so never leave the brethren unfed! A leader who cannot pray is a liability. Prayer is a key to survival in spiritual leadership.
You need the holyspirit in everything. Even with your skills, there’s an acknowledgment to depend on God. Never approach the altar casually. Model the life of Christ, be an example in the word you preach.
A leader weighs his speech.the maturity of a leader is identified in the way he talks. Leadership is tasking. It demands your sacrifice and pleasure but be also ready to learn. You are a leader to serve others and not to lord over others. You are in leadership because of what God wants to correct in your own personal life. In all my phases of leadership I learnt patience! was a serious pruning process.. God knows you, so he needs to take different individuals through some certain moulding processes.. Please yield.
Learn your leadership from Christ. Be careful in handling issues.. Learn submission. The entire ministry is in the concept of reflecting the image of God. You won’t be in that position forever! So maximise that time to show forth the image of Christ.
Paul was speaking in 1Cor 11:1
11 And you should follow my example, just as I follow Christ’s. how many leaders can truly say that???
In conclusion, A leader’s life precedes his office. The quality of his life determines his impact on others. The life of a leader determines the success or failure of the group.
Keep a close watch on your live! Your teachings may be correct but your personality is wrong! Woe to him who is alone!….
To be continued….
Wunmi Oyesanya




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