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I was away for 5days last week for a program and I came back on Monday morning, entered my room and was about kneeling down to say a word of prayer when I saw this reptile-like creature, probably earthworm or so but it was long.
A thought then came to mind that why will I see this kind of creature after coming back from a power packed program..’They’ are waiting for you..uhn! I just laughed!! Who are the they????? I took my slippers killed the thing and packed it out…
Later, I entered into the bathroom to take my bath and I saw that I did not remember to close the sieve of the place water flows through to the pipe outside and it must have pass through the place… Lol
And the spirit of God ministered to me and said that’s why we must know who we are and not live our lives in fear!……….
You see a bird on your window and you keep screaming ah! They’ve come again ooo….they want to get me! Holy ghost fire! Or probably you are going somewhere and you hit your left leg on the stone and you believe something bad will happen! Uhn? You get in front of your shop and you see one cloth wrapped with calabash and you start running around looking for pastor… Chai!!!!
Hmmmmm…… Its time for you to know your identity in Christ. Though there is a natural tendency for a man to fear but it does not mean it should control our lives. When you live with such mentality you may begin to experience spiritual retardation. Grow up!
Its time for us to stand up and be who God says we are. Then anytime the devil tries to attack us,we can throw our shoulders back and say, Dont mess with me, I am identified with Christ.
Occupy your fear with faith, Your faith will work for you better,your prayer life will be enhanced and you will walk in a new level of authority.
Having God on your sides and in your life is just more than enough for you to never be afraid. If God is on your side,what can man do for you?
Every opportunity to fear is also an opportunity to trust God. When you are filled with so much fear, you might not be able to think properly. But as Christians we must know that there is a peace that comes from having God in your life. You just have this assurance that God is in control….
If you want to get rid of fear,replace it with something, know what you carry and you will be confident about it. Carry God in you and let God carry you. Fear is the opposite of faith, God wants us to walk by faith and Satan wants us to walk by fear. But when we learn to live by faith and not let fear rule our life, we can live a fulfilling, peaceful and joyful life in Christ.
Fear begins with a thought, so that is why we need to have our minds renewed. When we become born again, we are christ-like. So whatever Jesus is, we are too… He is strong and we are strong too, he is a conqueror, we are too.he is mighty, we are too. He is courageous, we are too. Glory!
Don’t let the devil intimidate you. I encourage you to saturate your mind with the truth of God’s word. When we really understand our identity in Christ, it changes the way we think and live.
Through my identification with Christ I can’t be harmed. I can walk on anything that tries to get in my way and come out victoriously.
Wunmi Oyesanya



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