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Jumia Black Friday Banners

Jumia Black Friday Banners



There is an art to making a good tea. You can dip your teabag up and down in the hot water and then pull it out. Or you can let it dwell there so you can experience the tea’s full strength and flavour.
The secret of victorious christian living is not dipping in God’s presence once a week in church but dwelling in it everyday. Get into God’s word each day,meditate on it and ask lord, what are you saying to Me?

When you are a dipper, you got to make things happen by your own effort. You’ve got to move the bag up and down, wrap the string around the spoon,then pull.

It is the depth and duration of your dwelling that determines the strength and richness of your spiritual life. Don’t be a dipper! Be a dweller.

Out of the busy schedule make a conscious effort to dwell in God’s word. Create time even when it looks as if there is no time. Be disciplined about it. Dwell denotes a fixed position, not something that occurs sporadically. You have to abide there in. Many christians only visit the word when there are in trouble or desperate need. Don’t be carried away by day in, day out work and hustles. Create time to dwell!! Dont only Dip!

Have a great week
Wunmi Oyesanya




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