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Jumia Black Friday Banners

Purity and Moral Excellence


I write with this burden especially at this period of child sexual abuse campaign by Threshing house….

Fishers of men called by God…. Please don’t fry the fishes under you.
 Your positions of authority is not for taking advantage of the people under you sexually..
Yes you have been anointed with oil, God has called you and the hand of God is evident upon your have a sphere of influence over young souls.
The anointing prevents ordinary things from happening to you.
You are anointed… Don’t misuse the anointing..
Ehrmmmm..just romance and that all!No!!!
That little disobedience can cost you your life.
Just a little fondling of the breast can cost you your life.
Just a viewing of pornography can cost you your ministry.
Just a little kiss can spark the whole place..
Just sending of that nude picture can flame up the fire…
Ehrmmm.., we won’t go deep…
No don’t give chance to the devil.
You cannot fall into temptation without your cooperation..
The more you satisfy those sinful pleasure, the more you drain the power
No matter the temptation, God has already provided an escape root.. Fleeeeeeeeee!!!!!!
Don’t spoil your testimony..
ChoirMaster still taking turn on choir members…Stop it!! Drama minister sending nude pictures to that brother in your church! Ministers of God, they come for advice and you turn it to fondling session… Silently frying the fishes God gave you to watch over… Please retrace your steps back..God is waiting for you.. You are doing it silently.. Please speak out to a counsellor… We can’t remain in sin and pray that grace should abound..

If you need an accountability partner, please find one.
You must not be careless with the gifts of God over you

 We tend to react in response to that inner demand in a wrong way. Manage that stuff in the lower part of you, otherwise, it will drive you into the mud and you get grounded.
Be strong and take control of those appetite. I know it might be a real battle but you must win so your strength can be defined. God bless
Wunmi Oyesanya



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