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Jumia Black Friday Banners

Jumia Black Friday Banners



Due to my recent travel through Lagos, Ogun, Ondo, Edo, Even Jos … Smiles.. Don’t ask me what I went to do oo .. Am a lady on a mission.. Kikiki.. Don’t worry I have house that am living and am based in one state.. OK.. So I discovered that anytime I travel to a state that is different from my state of origin there are rules guiding each state. They have their language, they have their prices of transportation, they have their mode of dressing, culture e.t.c different diversities.. But if you really want to enjoy the place you are you will need to understand some basics unless you will deprive yourself of so many things. Imagine you speaking a language in an environment that no one speaks or understand your language, you won’t be understood or you will miss out.
Imagine someone go to Lagos inside oshodi traffic and he’s waiting until there is no car on the road again so he can cross … Ha my brother you will keep waiting oo..
But as you go out within that state you know the places more.. You don’t know a place only by google map, it might not be totally accurate but can guide you but as you step out yourself you familiarise yourself and you get to know more places.. Likewise in Christianity head knowledge of the scripture alone its not enough, it does not guarantee growing or intimacy but the word of God must grow in us and applied to our daily life… And we grow through continual exposure to the word of God.
A continual study will reveal host of guide for your life. And you understand more and more.. It was not the first time I stepped into those cities I understood the whole city, the culture, the price of transport e.t.c
There are some places you know well as a result of continual exposure to the place. Likewise as a Christian have a continual exposure to the word of God. Let it build you.
Spiritual growth is a real thing and you can tell if you are growing or not. There is this confidence that comes when you know the way to a place very well likewise there is a discernment that comes from continual exposure to the word of God.
It takes time and consistency. Devote yourself to the reading of the word of God.
The word of God you take in builds your immunity to fight, it condition your system and you have a certain level of composture.
Take a journey with God, Don’t assume you know him. Its an everyday walk with the father. He holds your hand, teaches you. Steading development, constant enlargement and increasing wisdom.
Seek to know and do God’s will above all else. Its is the bedrock of everything we seek to do with our life God graciously gave us. The More you get into him, the more truth you know. Hide the word of God in your heart!!! All we need is there!! Plunge in!
Wunmi Oyesanya



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