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As I was reflecting on my thought line following yesterday’s post, the Holy Spirit told me to look into other people who have dropped their most precious valuables for me because He KNOCKED ON THE DOOR OF THEIR HEARTS till He sort me out.

One experience is still so fresh in my heart. There was a particular night, I got a call from someone very close to me. She was overwhelmed and cried on me. My heart ached intensely, I had to engage myself in word confession so her pain wouldn’t break me down. After thinking through the situation I knew if I could get about N200,000 it would help her sort out the secondary crisis that caused her tears. I had no 2000 in my account at the time.

As we were going to bed, I mentioned the matter to my husband and he told me we would trust God for His intervention. I couldn’t sleep early enough. Sorrow covered my heart like a blanket.

Here’s the BOMB.

The next morning I got a call from a friend. There was a note of urgency in her voice. She said to me “Sister Esther what is your most pressing need”

I took some time to process the question because I didn’t know what she was up to. Then she goes:

“LAST NIGHT, the HOLY SPIRIT prompted my heart with a tone of urgency to ask you for your pressing need and MEET IT”

Can somebody give me that #Fainting #Meme

Like what kind of methodology is this? Oh my goodness! Good Good Father!

Without a second thought, I mentioned the burden to be a blessing to this special person to her. I told her I need 200,000

“Please send me your account details and I will wire it to you by DECEMBER”

I was so happy. I ran to my husband and my burden disappeared instantly. Just like that, I haven’t even prayed in tongues and sweated.

Something else happened. #Laughing

The next day, this person called me and said she would send me the 200k IMMEDIATELY. She explained she had some money with her but kept for a fixed Purpose yet my Good Good Father reminded her “…MEET ESTHER’S PRESSING NEED #IMMEDIATELY not December. #Rodfl


That was how she wired me the money and I wired it immediately for the person of my burden. It blew my mind that the Lord went about touching someone on my case. He’s so committed to our happiness.

Friends, beyond this divine interventions we are experiencing at one point or the other in our lives, one major touch of these encounters on my soul is the sudden reality that when I was in deep thought GOD WAS THINKING ABOUT ME.

He was busy going about knocking on the door of the heart of His Own to meet the need of His Own.
I can’t tell how many people He knocked on that night but this friend YIELDED. We are stewards of God’s resources. There are many prayers of others God will answer through human vessels.

I am going to tease her to share with me if she had any turbulent struggle before releasing it. #Rodfl

Secondly, it’s not only about giving or receiving material things

Some Months ago, I was very overwhelmed by my personal issue. I had prayed, did word confession and all till I just got tired cos I didn’t know what to do again. I asked the Lord to just tap me in a tangible way to say “Daughter I am still here working things out for you”
I mean I was that down. The quietness around my spirit made me crave for an assurance from the Father. I mean just kick your leg against my bed or anything in my bedroom to announce you’re still here with me. #Rodfl

One night, Mummy Megbope Ayodeji sent me a voice note on WhatsApp. She said she was having her prayers then the Holy Spirit drew her heart to me. She prayed for me and my husband and the Lord prompted her to give me a word of prophecy and encouragement.

The moment I heard those words, I just started shedding tears. Like oh my goodness! It was just spot on. Just exactly what my destiny needs in that moment.

I was too shocked to share my cravings for an assurance from the Father with her. I just chorused Amen as I listened to the audio.

God has many needs on His desks. He is never going to leave His throne to come fix our Emotional needs, material needs, and other needs by Himself; He uses US for US.

Do not hold back anything He prompts you to release at anytime. Push past the turbulent struggles that rustle within you to hide your sweet under your dress like a kid.

The King’s business must be done with HASTE.

It could be calling someone, to visit someone, prompt to send a text, pray with someone, host someone to lunch/dinner, give your time and love to someone like that like that.

One funny one, it could be a prompt to go HUG someone. I have been prompted to do this many times and I see people bursting into tears on my shoulder and eventually pouring out their tensions.

#winks Bros don’t go doing hugging ministry with sisters, my hand no dey there. o na Emotional bomb.

Ok, just go being a blessing. If you’re waiting till all of your personal issues are sorted out before you do, you’ll never do a thing.

Some days ago, I prayed for something but till now I haven’t received it. Possibly someone is still struggling somewhere to release it. #Rodfl.
Well, That’s not even my point here, if you’re discouraged today, kindly shift your focus on all the good things you didn’t pray for and be grateful. That’s my code when urgent needs aren’t met urgently.

Written By Esther EBUNOLUWA Omoniyi


Oyesanya Adewunmi is a Professional Blogger, a daughter of Zion that as a compelling motive and propelling force that motivates her which is the gospel. Her motivation in life is the expansion of God's kingdom for therein she finds fulfillment and all blessings she could ever desire. she is a lecturer by profession and also the CEO of two brands. She is a music minister and an advocate for sexual purity. She belongs to some NGO's like School of Virtue, BABES Redefined and Threshing house. She is a dynamic leader with records of outstanding performances and leadership in diverse roles of increasing responsibilities. In this blog she writes about purity, spiritual growth, moral excellence, relationship, entrepreneur strategy and true life stories. You can follow her on Facebook,Twitter and Instagram or send an email to

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