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We appreciate the mercies of God and his unfailing faithfulness that has ushered us into the new year. Certainly, there’s no better way to celebrate the goodness of the Lord in the new year than by recounting and relishing the riches of his amazing grace.

It is the grace of God that brings salvation and transformation of life to us. Nothing but the strength that comes from the Almighty God can make a life that had been so hopelessly devoted to sin become suddenly so repulsed by sin and sinful living. Its just grace. But there’s more to know about grace. The grace of God is not only transforming and empowering; it is also boundless and progressive. Grace is not static or stagnant. It has levels. And this is quite significant. For it is the level of grace that one has attained that determines the strength, stability and quality of one’s Christian life. It is the measure of grace that you have in you that determines how far you will go in all spiritual endeavors and accomplishments. 2Pet 3:18

“But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and for ever”.

Salvation by grace is the necessary starting point to growing in grace. It is not enough to be saved by grace only, you must grow in grace. Dead things don’t grow. Until we are quickened from the life of Sin and saved by grace, we cannot grow in grace. We must keep pressing forward to greater heights in relationship and communion with God. Keep growing from grace to grace, strength to strength, exploit to exploit.

   A child with stunted growth in any area of life will sooner or later become a source of distress to the parents and an object of ridicule to others. So also, remaining a spiritual baby or becoming complacent with the measure of grace in one’s life will soon attract God’s disapproval, expose one to humiliating downfall which can make one a prey in the hands of the deceiver. It is wisdom therefore to strive for growth in grace by continually feeding on the diet of God’s word and applying the principles there in to our lives from day-to-day.

    We are as strong in grace according to the measure of the truth we know. If you have experienced the saving grace of God therefore, strive to grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ. The more you know of him, the more you shall be like Him. Strive to grow on the time you spend committing your life to him in prayers. Strive to grow in regular attendance of believers gathering with other sincere believers. Strive to grow in faith and virtue

    As you begin this new year, take a reflective look at your Christian life so far and see if it has been one that gladdens the heart of God because it conforms to his desires of continual growth. Determine to make this year one of accelerated growth in the grace of God. Then you can be sure that this year will be a happy, blesed and victorious one for you in every way!.


Wunmi Oyesanya


Oyesanya Adewunmi is a Professional Blogger, a daughter of Zion that as a compelling motive and propelling force that motivates her which is the gospel. Her motivation in life is the expansion of God's kingdom for therein she finds fulfillment and all blessings she could ever desire. she is a lecturer by profession and also the CEO of two brands. She is a music minister and an advocate for sexual purity. She belongs to some NGO's like School of Virtue, BABES Redefined and Threshing house. She is a dynamic leader with records of outstanding performances and leadership in diverse roles of increasing responsibilities. In this blog she writes about purity, spiritual growth, moral excellence, relationship, entrepreneur strategy and true life stories. You can follow her on Facebook,Twitter and Instagram or send an email to

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