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Jumia Black Friday Banners

Jumia Black Friday Banners



You are still basking in the euphoria of the new year, but where is the passion you had for spiritual things when the new year started… You felt you didn’t study enough or pray enough last year, you felt a vacuum widely deposited in you and you felt and knew only God could fill it.. You attend programs and you feel you have touched something but afterwards what happens?? You planned to listen to at least two messages per week and three books per month but what has happened? How have you handled it?
The first month has gone and if probably you started the bible reading like a reading schedule app I have, you would have finished two books of the bible this month.. But how far? You planned to pray at least 3hours or more per day but how far? You planned to Save but how far?? You planned to fast but how far? What has happened to us on the way?? What happened to our motivation??
This is a call to come back to the lane.. And live for God alone….
God is raising men! Men who will walk with God in sweet communion with him. Men who the patterns of their lives matches the passion of their hearts to know the lord and obey him.
Men who will walk with God in public displays of righteousness even when the culture around them is totally corrupt.
Men who are ready to know the sweetness of growing in Christ likeness and walk in the spirit. Men who find their satisfaction in God. Men who treasure the word of God.
Men whose desire is to honour God and clear out anything that might distract. Men who long for the pure milk of the word. Men who desire to grown on godliness and spiritual maturity.

Men who will blow the dust off of unopened Bibles and discover its life-giving truth all over again… Men who will study the word, bury it in their hearts and remember its mandates.
Men who will pray and their petitions rise like incense to the Lord…
“Karthryn Kuhlman said the real you is just one who live for just one purpose and the purpose is to please God”
I know you have that panting in your heart burning with Passion… Are you willing to pay the price to attain that?? Let your relationship with God be what really matters… You have just one life and it passes quickly.. The days,hours,years passes quickly.. A month is gone.. Check your life!!!! How far????



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