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Have you ever gone on an excursion for a facility visit where God himself was the Guide and Instructor? Prophet Jeremiah did. God called him one day and seemed to say: “Hey! Jerry, rise up and get down to the potter’s house. I have something to show you there.” Jeremiah rose up at once and went down to the potter’s house. There, he saw the potter working on the wheels, trying to make a pot with the clay. But, the vessel became a mess, a far cry from what he had intended. Yet, without much ado, the potter started remoulding with the same clay. He kept working at it and, within no time at all, he had made another vessel, finer, better and more beautiful than the first one.

      From the potter’s scene, it is observed that:

1. The clay did not struggle or murmur against the potter or accuse him during the process of moulding and remoulding. (Isaiah 45:9)

2. The clay yielded itself to the potter to make any vessel or shape of it as he pleased (Romans 9:21, Jeremiah 18:6)

3. That the vessel was marred or destroyed initially didn’t mean it had become good for nothing. The potter was still able to make a wonderful shape,as long as the clay remained in his hand (Isaiah 64:7-8)

4. The clay could not make itself; it required the initiative of the potter to be made into anything significant or desirable (John 15:5)

          Applied to humans, we are the clay in the hands of the almighty God who is the great potter. He wants to fashion grand designs out of us, graciously endowed creatures very well capable of every good works. In the process of moulding us, He will knock some things out of is, while he imparts some into us. The end result will be his own delight; a wonder to behold (Psalm 139:14).

       For this process to be accomplished, however, every believer must exhibit attitude of “YIELDEDNESS” which means:

Y- Yearn for nothing but God’s glory alone and that his own image should be stamped deep on your heart (Isaiah 43:7)

I- Incline your heart to obey God always (Psalm 119:112)

E- Ease yourself of every worry and anxiety ( Matt 6:25-34) Matthew 6:25-34

L- Love the Lord with all your heart. Lean upon and learn of Him (Deuteronomy 6:5)

D- Dwell in the light, denounce every work of darkness and discipline your flesh

N- Never struggle with the Lord or resist Him in any way. (1 peter 5:6)

E- Empty yourself of anything that could hinder your moulding process (Ephesians 4:31). Endure hardness. Entreat the lord for grace to continue to the end (2 Corinthians 12:9).

S- Stand fast and firm in the faith (I Corinthians 16:13). Sort out any disagreement you have with anyone.

S- Savour the pleasure of God’s presence always (Psalm 16:11). Suffer as a Christian. Its part of your moulding process.

As you fully yield yourself to the capable hands of the great Potter, He’ll make of you what you never thought you could be! Give your life to God he can do more with it than you can! There is power in the gospel to change a Man. God can do wonders with a broken heart; if we give him all the pieces. We must have the glory sink into us before it can be reflected from us. In deep inward beholding, we must have Christ in our hearts, that he may shine forth from our lives..


 Witten By Wunmi Oyesanya


  1. This is wonderful indeed, good work done! More Grace!! More Anointing in Jesus name. I pray, May the Lord grant us the grace to yield unto His own making. May God Will and desire always be ours in Jesus name. May God not mould us a bad example as He did unto Pharoah and all his cabinets in order to showcase his suprememacy in Jesus name. Ours shall be like that of Joseph and Jesus Christ (Good examples) in the name of Jesus.


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