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I feel so beautiful and fulfilled by the crop of Singles God is raising through our marriage and Ministry. I am soooo happy. There is hope for the body of Christ and our Nation(s)

Glory to God for hundreds of homes God has raised through us. I was telling about 45 Engaged Couples currently in our Courtship Class my reasoning on investing into their relationship. Let me share my thoughts here. If the 45 couples we are mentoring and coaching through courtship get it right about God-Kind of marriage, that is a big plus to raising Christian Homes. I imagined each 45 couples raising 2 godly children for God’s end time ARMY, that’s 90 GODLY OFFSPRINGS. Oh how I am so excited.

Our singles are taught that Marriage is not just so we could be happy alone, it is about building Christ- centered homes, an altar where God touches lives and raise GODLY children who will be raised and pressrved for destiny.

This morning, I want to talk about marriage as a tool for becoming a better person.

I see Marriage as a system in which two different personalities enter in to form a formidable force to the end that the purposes of God for their union is FULFILLED. In this vein, a man and a woman come into the Relationship with their different personality types, character, belief system, ideology about life, spiritual experiences and personal vision.

Marriage being a system which makes for a FUSION OF POWER, merges two different beings together as a team and the strength of a partner can make for the weakness of the other. Imagine when Strength mixes with Strength too. That’s explosive results.

Marriage as a tool for making us becoming better People projects the influence you and your partner have on each other. Two are better than one, they can help each other TO SUCCEED. I am not focusing on this but the BECOMING transformed in character and producing fruits of godliness.

Each of us is a bundle of secrets, our spouse or partners in Relationship know us more than outsiders do. God had all these planned out that we can influence each other in tangible ways towards becoming better People.

When I got married to my husband, I react to issues spontaneously. #coversface. When I am set to do a thing, I wanted it done IMMEDIATELY. I could jump in the ocean at the sight of gold. I am a do-er actually. Hubby calls me the executor of life goals. #shines
My husband takes his time to process issues. Most times, it pays. Few times, we faced the heat of not-spranging into action immediately.

Over the years, I have seen his character and Strength in display in my life. I don’t jump the gun anymore.#Laughing
I put my Excitement under, discuss issues with hubby, we sit on it and reach a consensus. Recently, I noticed I am becoming more quiet and reserved. This wasn’t me. I am the life of the party, not so dominant though. But there’s an aura around me when I come into a place, the life and play. I am learning to control as per I am not a child na. #winks

I noticed how my husband relates with people and I am so surprised. The other day, he was engaging two PHCN staff who came to drop our electricity bill. He sat at our frontage and talked and talked. Lol.
Intelligent Conversations though. I mean my husband could be so quiet.

Now, on managing character flaws, our spouses ideally should be the closest to us. This is what Yoruba calls #MoRiETan#ISeeYouFinish. So, they should be able to confront us with the truth our character adjustments need. I handled a situation and when I was alone with my hubby, I asked him if I didn’t overshoot. #Lol. He gave me that unique smile and said “…you are right on your point BUT you overflogged it…” #Awww
I looked for a way to correct my mistake by calling the person up and adjusted the edges.

When God looks into our marriage, He wants to see FRUITS (GODLY OFFSPRING)our union is producing in the life of our spouses. This could take the form of standing on the line for our spouse’s flaws/weaknesses. Abigail demonstrated this when Nabal was acting foolishly and unreasonably. The flip side is to Correct in love, confront our spouses with the truth, encourage them to break the hardcore and become who God desires they are in Him.

God wants to use your marriage to make you a better person likewise your spouse. Challenge your spouse to personal growth.

“My little children, of whom I travail in birth again until Christ be formed in you,” Galatians 4:19 KJV

“You are my dear children, but I agonize in spiritual “labor pains” once again, until the Anointed One will be fully formed in your hearts” TPT

It is no longer the Ministry or travail/labour pain of anyone as much as it is your Ministry to see that CHRIST IS FORMED IN your spouse.

Becoming a better person is not about you becoming like your spouse or your spouse becoming like you but BOTH OF YOU becoming like CHRIST

Written By Esther EBUNOLUWA Omoniyi


Oyesanya Adewunmi is a Professional Blogger, a daughter of Zion that as a compelling motive and propelling force that motivates her which is the gospel. Her motivation in life is the expansion of God's kingdom for therein she finds fulfillment and all blessings she could ever desire. she is a lecturer by profession and also the CEO of two brands. She is a music minister and an advocate for sexual purity. She belongs to some NGO's like School of Virtue, BABES Redefined and Threshing house. She is a dynamic leader with records of outstanding performances and leadership in diverse roles of increasing responsibilities. In this blog she writes about purity, spiritual growth, moral excellence, relationship, entrepreneur strategy and true life stories. You can follow her on Facebook,Twitter and Instagram or send an email to

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