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Jumia Black Friday Banners

True Life Stories


Ehrmmmmm… some years I had struggled with the fact that I was just too small in stature.. Chai.. Even as I add age and grow older still no change lol… Probably when am married or I don’t know sha.. They prescribed different tonics and multivitamins haaaaaa.. Still no change.. Biko leave me oooo. Even secondary students can think am one of them. Hahaaa

The person that is too fat wants to be slim,the slim was to be fat,the tall wants to be short and vice versa.. Different versions with different desires….
But I don’t know if we have people like me that felt that was something actually missing!! Yours might be your colour, shape, height, Gender e.t.c

Love yourself!!!!! Let your good opinion of yourself ring higher and stop trying to get so much validation and attention from other people. A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval. Accept no one’s definition of yourself.
Every choice matters. Only you can be responsible for your self worth. If you can’t love and respect yourself, no one else will be able to make that happen.
Stop critizing yourself! Try approving yourself. Its not about trying to give your self consolation but realise you are who you see.
No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.
Throw your heads up high and trust yourself!
Live healthy, and look good. Self pity gets you nowhere. Arise and do that which you are called to do.

Spend time and say good things about yourself. Try that new job,wear that new cloth, do that new thing! Keep declaring that positive confession. Don’t be intimidated.

Define your own style. Wear what clothes suits you and bring you comfort. Enjoy what God has provided on your behalf. Make the most of what you have to offer to the world.
You have great talents and abilities, so don’t let what you feel is not too okay depress and deprive you.
Take time, sit back and appreciate all your good qualities. Know and acknowledge all your positive attributes. Have confidence in God and in yourself. Don’t loose touch with the good you are. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Thoroughly furnished and package in that unique way for what suits your assignment. Don’t try to fit in into something else….

Am Wunmi Oyesanya




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