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Prostitution In The Bible

Prostitution In The Bible

Prostitution according to the dictionary is “payment in exchange for sex or sexual services”. A prostitute is not only a person that goes to a hotel or a club to offer their bodies but anyone that is paid in exchange for sex is a prostitute. It can be an unmarried guy paying a lady, it can be a friend, whosoever is being paid in exchange for sex without being legally married is a prostitute. What is said about Prostitution In The Bible?

A few days ago, I went to do some shopping for my kitchen needs and as I stood beside one of the women selling pepper, I saw about 8 ladies dressed in very seductive dresses. Their dresses were very transparent and I could see through to their bodies. They kept making funny sounds as people were starring at them in disbelief. Later I was told that they were heading to a strip club not too far from the market. I was shocked!!!!! These ladies would not be up to 20years and they should never be involved in prostitution. 

Prostitution In The Bible

    Christians are explicitly commanded to avoid involvement in prostitution. I have heard of ladies who became a prostitute in order to provide for basic necessities which end up turning them to live a materialistic lifestyle. If you believe that life is not worth living without lots of money then you can do anything to obtain money.

     There are several young people out there that are not using their bodies to get money and still getting little income. It might not be much but the days of little beginning should not be despised. Most times dissatisfaction leads people to prostitution.

     Prostitution In The Bible is not a career option. It is a form of slavery that often leads to forms of slavery. 1 Corinthians 6:19-20. You should not sell your body because you have been purchased by Christ. God desires that we stay sexually pure, 1 Thess 4:3 and use our bodies as tools for his use and glory. Romans 6:13,Prov 23:27-28

Prostitution do not only destroys marriages, families, and lives, but it destroys the spirit and soul. It leads to spiritual and physical deaths.

  Sexual purity is not old-fashioned. Respond to that urge in the right way. Manage that stuff in the lower part of you. Stop driving yourself into the mud. Take control of that appetite. Look away from that which is extremely appealing to your sexual appetite.

Jesus Christ once declared to those who refused to believe the truth about Himself, “Tax collectors and prostitutes, I tell you the truth, are entering the kingdom of God ahead of you. For when John came to show you the way of righteousness, you did not believe him, but the tax collectors and prostitutes did. Even after seeing this, you refused to repent and believe him ” (Matthew 21:31-32).

Prostitutes, like everyone else, have the option to obtain redemption and eternal life from God, to be cleansed of all their sins and given a new life! All they have to do is repent of their evil ways and turn to the living God, who is gracious.

   Not everybody is doing it. Get God and stop doing test running all about. You won’t die not having sex; it is the deceit of the enemy that tells you that you can’t do without it. Brethren have survived and passed through that stage successfully so there is no excuse for you. Involve yourself in a legitimate business and get your money. It might be little but don’t sell your body for sex.

The “oldest profession” is often referred to as prostitution. Indeed, even in Biblical times, it was a frequent way for women to generate money. Prostitution, according to the Bible, is immoral. According to Proverbs 23:27-28, “A prostitute is a deep hole, but a straying wife is a narrow well. She waits like a bandit, multiplying the unfaithful among men.”

God forbids men and women from having relationships with prostitutes because He knows it is harmful to both. “Because an immoral woman’s lips ooze honey and her mouth is smoother than oil, but she is bitter as wormwood and sharp as a two-edged sword in the end. Her steps lead to death, and her feet lead to hell.”

    For you men that still run after prostitutes, Prov 9:13-18, Prov 5:13-14, Prov 23:27-28. The great news I have for those who have sold their bodies is that there is also redemption for them. God is offering salvation and forgiveness. Rahab Heb 11:31. Rahab is an example of how God’s grace can change a prostitute. 

Prostitution In The Bible kills not only marriages, families, and lives, but also destroys the spirit and soul, resulting in physical and spiritual death. God wants us to keep our bodies pure and use them as tools for His glory (Romans 6:13). “The body is not for sexual immorality, but for the Lord, and the Lord for the body,” states First Corinthians 6:13.

Prostitution is a sin, but it is not beyond God’s forgiveness. According to the Bible, He used a prostitute named Rahab to help Him carry out His purpose. She and her family were rewarded and blessed as a result of her obedience (Joshua 2:1; 6:17-25).

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