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Jumia Black Friday Banners



Sometimes last year during the festive period I was with my family.. On this particular day I was home, alone in the room singing and praying, then the last born of the house came into the room and said to himself… “she’s busy “…. He left and after some time he came back and he said again she’s still praying ahn ahn!! He left and came back again the third time and I was still praying.. Aaaaaahhhhhh..
OK.. So when I was through I shouted his name and asked why he was looking for me and he answered from his room and said, don’t call my name again, I want to sing and pray in the spirit too… Uhalalaalaaa
I smiled and went back into my room and as I heard him singing songs and praying I had an unspeakable joy in me that I could model a life to him in a godly way..
So as parents or parents-to-be let’s know that children pick parents as their number one role model. Hence the example you set for your child is very important because each day you are modelling a behavioural expectation for him..
An author once said ” a child is not likely to find a father in God unless he finds some thing of God in his father”…
Set godly examples for your child. He needs to not only hear your rules but also see you living out what you teach him…
We teach what we know but we reproduce what we are..
Your children may sometimes doubt what you say but they will always believe what you do..
So if you want them to have a quiet time with God, you have one..

If you want your children to be in church,you take them don’t send them.. If you don’t want your children to use foul language, watch what comes out of your mouth..

Your example will have impact than all your exhortations.

It is not enough for parents to give good food, good clothing and good education to their children, they must deeply be concerned and labour towards their spiritual growth.

Your child is a great gift God has given unto you and his soul a great responsibility placed in your hands.. Will you fail in this assignment???

We can always live out the life of God in our daily lives.. You mirror those who influence you.. Who is influencing your child? What part are you playing? May God help us all
Wunmi Oyesanya




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