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At a question and answer session earlier this week, the moderator asked me what my greatest financial mistake has been.

You see, I have made many mistakes in the past and without them, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

​My financial mistakes led me into researching about money management, putting to work what I learnt and teaching others.

Back to the question, the greatest mistake I made, was not getting financial literacy earlier than I did. But hey, better late than never. We are here and we keep going stronger!

In an Instagram post yesterday, I shared about my 4 pillars of personal finance. You might not see it in any textbook, but these are the 4 things I literally keep my eyes on and I have seen my finances do well phenomenally by practising them.

1. Earnings

2. Expenses

3. Savings

4. Investments

I ensured to develop multiple sources of income, because truth be told, my earnings determine how much I have to spend on other three. Have you read. The Cashflow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki?

I recommend that book as it explains how you can boost your Cashflow from different sources.

My expenses more often than not, are planned. I find myself spending impulsively sometimes but I spend wisely most of the time. Whether you earn or not, you have to spend money; it is better to earn and then spend smartly.

Savings are what I put aside from my income as a compensation for my hard and smart work. I save for different goals yearly and once I achieve them, I start all over again.

A major part of my savings goes into Investments.

Investing is putting your money to work, rather than just putting it aside ( saving). For me, it is as important as my earnings, as it truly reflects how much I have been able to retain for the future from what I have earned.

It is necessary to invest in short, mid and long term assets. If you have been struggling with investing, you are welcome to join The Smart Investment Club; where you would not only gain Investment literacy, but you will practically have opportunities to invest in as you mingle with intelligent people from all around the world.

Sola Adesakin

Lead Coach/ Founder

Smart Stewards | The Smart investment Club


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