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Purity and Moral Excellence


Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain”. Psalm 127:1.
Childbirth is partnership with God in procreation. The lord himself must “build the house”. It is the Lord that increases a mere man and his wife with children and so builds the family. But then, child training is partnership with God in recreation. It is a great spiritual work. After having child, every parent needs the help of God to “keep the city”- to successfully raise up the child unto maturity and godliness.

In child training, parents especially mothers, have such a heavy responsibility thrust upon them that they must engage in frequent, fervent prayers to achieve their goal. For all her tenderness, closeness and motherly influence, only a kneeling mother can make any life- long impact on her child’s life. Those touted motherly attributes can work wonders but only for a time- almost, only when you are alive. But with prayer, there is a more blessed and enduring assurance; for long after your child might have forgotten your care and tears he will yet be ruled by the forces of prayers.

Prayer never becomes irrelevant or unnecessary in a child’s life. Fervent prayer is the only insurance that keeps a child already doing well to continue walking in the path of godliness. It will continually fortify his heart and mind, as well as guide his footsteps. By the same token, Fervent prayer is the key that opens the heart of the wayward child and turns him or her to God. All other weapons in a mother’s arsenal aim at the child’s emotional and mental faculties; only prayer takes a direct aim at the child’s Spirit. So, a kneeling mother makes more progress than a cajoling, complaining or, for that matter, indulging mother.

We often underestimate the transforming power of effectual fervent prayers. For Example, what if Jacob had not prayed before he had to face a cheated Esau hasting to meet him in all his wild, pent-up fury? But he prayed and his prayer turned the tide in his favour. Most mothers are yet to learn the efficacy of prayer and faith in turning the widest youths into the mildest, most agreeable personality in the world! More still prayer acts like salt to preserve even godly youths in holiness.

Prayer works wonders when mixed with faith and holy living. Throughout the entire history of God’s relationship with man, there is yet to be even one occasion when God ignores the prayer of faith of even the weakest of His holy children. As sin always forms a barrier between God and Man, so it does when a sin- laden mother attempts to pray for her equally sinful child without first reconciling with God.

Are you a Christian mother? Is your child proving tough and resistant to the gospel? Do not despair but seize the initiative in prayer. Refuse to give up. Claim the promises of God. Fast if necessary. You must remember that some other mother somewhere had faced this same battle and won a resounding victory. Gird your mind with happy thought. Soon, you shall have a good story to tell in Jesus name.

Wunmi Oyesanya


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