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There’s no power like that of a prevailing prayer.Sometimes we think we are too busy to pray.Hmmm,that’s a great mistake, for praying is a saving of time.Let’s move from theology to kneelogy! Power for victory in spiritual warfare is found in prayer. Prayer is not a second option to use when every other thing fails, but it is to keep all things from failing.

Ten minutes prayer is better than to murmur for a year. Walk softly,speak tenderly, pray fervently. Prayer is a life attitude. What is gained by prayer must be maintained by prayer. Prayer is the acid test of devotion. If you are not motivated to have enough time with God, then you have gotten a wrong idea or revelation about God.

A prayerful christian stands the chance of being used of God. All God’s servants right down through the centuries have travailed in prayer.
Rather than been addicted to talking, the lord wants us to be addicted to praying. It is only faith in God’s word and by prayer that we can get solutions and breakthroughs to our challenges. Ultimately, you won’t gain anything by being a talkative. Sin drains Virtue. it kills your faith and saps your spiritual strength. So pray so that God intervenes in your situation and make everything to work out in your life and family.
So next time you are tempted to talk too much and complain about your challenges or situations in the home, just tell yourself I will pray about it and shall be settled in Jesus name.
It is baffling that some women can talk to another for hours without battling an eyelid but when it comes to talking to God in prayer, they lack the words and strength and soon begins to yawn or doze. When you talk too much or complain you stand the risk of sinning against God because ‘in multitudes of words there wanteth not Sin. Prov 10:19.
Let Prayer be the key of the morning and the bolt at night. The best way to fight against sin is to fight it on our knees. Too many Christians do not pray, they only beg, don’t just beg,talk to God. All earthly things with earth will fade away! Prayer grasps eternity. Then pray, always pray!
1Thess 5:17. Pray without ceasing! Shalom
Wunmi Oyesanya (JEWEL)



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