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Dear young lady, how many more guys will you devote your life to? How many more guys will share your time with you? How many guys will you call ‘sweet heart’ before your HUSBAND comes?
How many more guys will you call and listen to their voice every time? How many more guys will touch every parts of your body? How many more guys will share your lips? How many more guys will you love to read their messages on your phone? How many more guys’ house will you visit before he comes? How many more guys will you go on a date with before he finally comes around? How many more gifts will you collect before you take his own small piece of gift?
Dear virtuous and adorable young lady, take your time, you don’t need to rush, slow and steady wins the ride. Not every guy can have your phone number, not every guy can have you around them, not everyone can be your friend and not every friend is a future husband. God’s time will always be the best. There is no need for competition, it is not a race.
Don’t envy others because you don’t know what their journey is about. God is only moulding your husband so you can get the best you deserve. God is also moulding you for the best. The waiting period should be for God and not for you to date different guys. How many more guys will you collect airtime from? How many more guys will you open your legs to? Work on yourself while you awaits him comes. Wait a bit!!! God will guide you through. Shalom
Written by Wunmi Oyesanya


Oyesanya Adewunmi is a Professional Blogger, a daughter of Zion that as a compelling motive and propelling force that motivates her which is the gospel. Her motivation in life is the expansion of God's kingdom for therein she finds fulfillment and all blessings she could ever desire. she is a lecturer by profession and also the CEO of two brands. She is a music minister and an advocate for sexual purity. She belongs to some NGO's like School of Virtue, BABES Redefined and Threshing house. She is a dynamic leader with records of outstanding performances and leadership in diverse roles of increasing responsibilities. In this blog she writes about purity, spiritual growth, moral excellence, relationship, entrepreneur strategy and true life stories. You can follow her on Facebook,Twitter and Instagram or send an email to

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