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Sometimes last week around 2am I was having stomach upset and could not sleep.. I was just restless.. So i prayed and waited ooo.. But due to my little knowledge in the course I studied, at a point I concluded it was indigestion cos I slept off almost immediately I ate my food.. So I started searching for home remedy cos I can’t get any drug at midnight.. Fortunately I had some of the home remedy and I started taking it.. One of them was garlic!! Chai naturally I hate the smell not to talk of eating it…uhn😉😉😉 but because I need my stomach to do normal again I started eating it with all seriousness..😃😃 I sat on the chair and would pause a little with the assurance that the thing will work cos I want to sleep back.. As I sat on the chair I was thinking, and I said to myself if only we could on hold to God’s word like this until we see it’s full manifestation on what we are believing God for..
When you are sick, you are given medicine.. And the medicine has prescription and instructions… Likewise when we are going through turbulent times he sends his word and works through his word.. And there are prescription and instructions for the word too…
Prov 4:20-22. *For they are life unto those that find them, and health to all their flesh.*The word is health… So for medicine to work it must remain in the blood stream at constant minimal level for the necessary change to be effected…
The physician might tell you 2tablets three times daily for five days….
So for God’s word to work in you when you are believing God for something the word of God must work at a particular level over a period of time in you for the fufulment of that thing..
Joshua1:8…let the word of God remain in your system at a certain level till it comes to pass…
The word of God is always working…God’s word is powerful.. Its literally goes into the inside of you.. When you take drugs after 1-2days there should be an improvement.. So as you keep putting the word of God into that situation, something is happening… You might not get the full manifestation at once but keep putting it into your system…
It was not immediately I chew the garlic that the upset stopped.. I kept eating it at a certain level..and I was too sure it will work…
You apply the living word into your being when you apply God’s word..Pick a word for that situation.. Confess it…🗣🗣🗣🗣 It can be twice in the morning twice in the afternoon and night …The word of God becomes powerful when it gets in your lips… Read the word of God carries life!!! Injects the word of God into your system.. It lifts.. Put the word of God into that life issue- failed business,failed marriage etc and don’t stop when you see improvements.. The word of God is the arrow of deliverance so keep striking… Focus on it, care about nothing else that is been said by the environment but hold on to his word..
Sit on the word of God it will lead to something… Take the word in prayer.. Approach God using the scriptures…
Construct songs of Worship from it… Yea your victory is sure!!!💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼 As i was so confident that those home remedy will work let’s also have this full assurance that his word works.. God saying it is God doing it… Rejoice at the bursting forth of his word…Glory
Wunmi Oyesanya



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